We are based in London

Sport & commercial management holding Ltd.


We rely on maximum freedom of action for entrepreneurs and their teams. In our view, they are crucial for long-term success.

Unique Design

The individuality and independence of all companies in the RDS Group are of crucial importance to us.


The RDS Management Holding Ltd. with base in London is a family business that has been active in managing, advising and supporting companies in Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands and Italy for over 20 years.

Management divisions

Our business areas are marketing, advertising, sports, events, esports, e-commerce, food and retail.

Our strategic mentality is driven by ideas, marketing, design & communication.

Founded as a small agency in Germany, we are successful today with our diverse holdings in companies around the world. The product segments sports, fashion and promotional items are among our most important topics.

Due to the diversity of our investments, the core competencies within the RDS Group extend across significant parts of the value chain. This includes product development, procurement, marketing and sales.


Our companies have their roots in marketing, advertising, consulting and productDevelopment, sales, sport, event & e-commerce. Some of our most important success factors for years.

We run together and believe in common strength to
ultimately grow and
achieve economic success.

Marketing agency

We have a strategic mindset that is driven by ideas, marketing, design and communication

Digital Publishing

Turn your images, text, videos and PDFs into content ready for publication for any digital channel, digital format and digital device


Sold out halls, hours of games and prizes worth millions – eSports is in the middle of society and a huge business

Sport events

We organize and know the conditions for a successful tournament, ie. A fair and exciting competition for everyone

Football Academy

Through targeted, individual and collective training, the traditional characteristics are acquired with the academy’s trainers


The importance of customer reviews in e-commerce is continuously increasing and has a major impact on the purchase decision of potential customers

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